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We’ve been critical of the direction NUS is taking for a number of years. We’re concerned that the organisation has become more interested in internal debate than real issues facing students, more interested in infighting than fighting the government and more interested in grandstanding than standing up for students. 

Despite all of that NUS represents our Labour values of collectivism and unionism. NUS won council tax exemption for students, won a living wage for thousands of University staff and shifted the conversation around sexual harassment with ‘Zero Tolerance’. Together we are stronger and NUS gives us the power to fight and win. The challenges facing students up and down the country are too great for individual students' unions to deal with alone and we need a national movement that unites to combat them.

For the election of National President, we supported Megan Dunn. We felt she was the candidate who would continue moving NUS in the right direction. The concerns raised by Jewish students about Malia Bouattia cannot be dismissed; properly addressing these would go a long way to re-uniting our movement. Nevertheless, the election of one national officer doesn't change the power of NUS and it doesn't change the fact that students are better off because of NUS.

The answer to concerns should be to debate, not to divide or withdraw. A weakened NUS weakens the student movement, and is exactly what this government wants to see.

Debate is always important but Islamophobia is never acceptable and we condemn any criticism of Malia that uses Islamophobic language. We may not always agree with Malia but we congratulate her and celebrate the progress shown by the election of the first Black Muslim woman President of NUS.

The fight for an NUS that puts the interests of students and Students’ Unions back at its heart isn’t over which is why now isn’t the time to turn and run. Labour Students will wholeheartedly be campaigning for SU’s to remain in NUS as the only vehicle for advancing students interests, challenging this government and building a truly transformative national movement.

The Labour Students NUS Group

Labour Students says loudly and clearly, Yes to NUS

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We’ve just had Political Weekend – our biggest event of the year, and this year it was the biggest in over a decade. We had over 170 members from across the country come together for a weekend of debate, training and brilliant speakers – including for the first time in a number of years, the leader of the Party, Jeremy Corbyn.

The biggest Political Weekend comes after our biggest Freshers ever. Thousands of students have signed up to join Labour Students, we had queues at Freshers Fairs all over the country and events at our Labour Clubs on campuses have never been busier. Overall, since the General Election, our membership has increased by more than double, making us far and away the biggest student political organisation in the country.

We haven't just got bigger in terms of membership, but in terms of individual Labour Clubs too. We've had new clubs start up at West London, Leeds Beckett and Bath - institutions that haven't had a Labour Students presence in years. We've got new groups in the process of being created at Kingston, SOAS and many more; we're well on our way to meeting our goal of having a Labour Club at every campus in the country.

We've also seen Clubs that decided to disaffiliate previously begin to come back and actively choose to be a part of Labour Students; Warwick and York both re-affiliated during the last academic year, and this term we've already seen both Sheffield and UCL re-affiliate. This means that now nearly all of the clubs who disaffiliated in 2013 have now returned and we are stronger for it.

Our big priority for this year is membership and club development: after the general election and with a new leader, now is the perfect time to develop our members and continue to grow our Clubs. We've invested more than ever into our national events, with more training sessions and bigger events than ever before. Our job is to take the energy and enthusiasm of our new members and give them the tools to go into their campuses and their communities to make a difference.

Our priority campaign for this year - democratically decided by our members - is Unlock Education. With the Tories determined to lock even more students out of education by scrapping maintenance grants, it's even more important than ever that we do everything possible to make education as accessible as it can be. We don't need to wait 5 years till Labour are back in government to make a difference, with the Unlock Education campaign, Labour Students across the country are going to show the difference Labour values and the Labour party can make, even in opposition. From creating speaker schemes with local schools, lobbying for better bursaries or campaigning about the quality of housing, Labour Students will be tackling the barriers that stop students from entering and achieving in further and higher education.

With all of that, and much more, there's never been a better time to get involved in Labour Students. Click here to find your local club, or click here to find out more about our national events.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Michael, Erin and Alec

Labour's Student Movement

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